Best Man – Here At Last

After countless edits over the past several years, I can finally announce that my third novel, Best Man, has made it to the light of day. This is the story of two roommates who fake being boyfriends to attend a wedding: the first is in love with one of the grooms, while the other has the hots for the other groom. In this book the characters struggle with faithfulness and unfaithfulness, honesty and dishonesty, right from wrong. A light, breezy romance it is not. You can buy it on Amazon, here:

My sincerest thanks to my extremely small yet extremely loyal group of readers who have been waiting so patiently for this work to come out. Below are some snapshots I took that serve as the setting for some major scenes. Thank you all for your support.

At the beginning of the novel, the hero, Frank Mercer, goes to meet his best friend Jonathan Butler beneath the clock tower at San Francisco’s Ferry Building. He goes in the hope that Jonathan will tell him that he’s finally leaving Marcus, his no-good partner.
A significant scene at the end of the novel occurs on this pier, not far from the clock tower.
The “San Francisco Belle” is docked between the pier and the clock tower, reminding Frank of a “many-tiered wedding cake.” Significantly, the vessel blocks Frank’s view of the clock tower.
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