Chris Delyani was born in September 1968 and was raised in Chelsea, Massachusetts. In 1993 he moved to San Francisco to devote himself to writing fiction and has been at it ever since. He now lives in Oakland with his husband, Dan Moore. You Are Here is his second novel; his first is The Love Thing (2009).

His literary career began at the age of five (possibly earlier) when he started driving his family crazy by writing in the air with a milk straw. (He’s reasonably sure he would have driven them crazy even if he didn’t write in the air with a milk straw.) Approximately twenty years later, he copied out F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby in longhand just to know what it felt like. Both of these events are detailed in his essay, “The First Straw.”

Chris is a member of The Next Big Writer, a fiction-sharing website where he writes under the pen name “Cecil Roebuck,” a name he randomly pulled from The Great Gatsby.

“Since I don’t want my birthday celebrated, that’s less work for you.  That’ll give you more time to do—whatever it is you do around here.” – Andrew, Office Sourpuss, The Love Thing

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