You Are Here … Is Coming!

I’ve now completed ten weeks, or 70 days, on my journey to write a novel draft.  I had given myself 100 days to write it, but since I’ve managed to write without missing a day since I started the journey on Jan. 17, I should be on track to finish the job by the end of only 90 days, or April 16.  I’m having a much more difficult time of it now that the novel’s action is reaching the endgame — mainly because I don’t have any of it figured out in my head.  Every day is turning out to be a surprise — scary, yes, but also a joy.  The only thing that’s stayed with me is the faith that so long as I show up to write, something good will happen.  That faith has led me to write over 70,000 words by today.

In the meantime my completed novel, “You Are Here,” is undergoing a professional editorial makeover.  That process has only just begun and will likely not be finished until the end of May, meaning that if all goes well, I should have a finished product to share with you by this July or August at the latest (I hope).  I’ll keep you posted, and maybe even throw out an excerpt or two, as the book nears completion.  I’ll likely get a first edited draft back from the editor by mid-April, around the time I finish my novel draft.  I hope it works out that way:  I’m going to need a break from the new story once I’m done with it.

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